What is it CReSCo?
It is the Coordination of the World of Contemporary Theatre (in Italian: Coordinamento delle Realtà della Scena Contemporanea, hence the acronym). It was founded in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza)in September 2010, after a period of informal work began in July 2009. Coordination is based on self-promoters who are part of it: operators, artists and structures.
What is CReSCo doing?
The aim of this Coordination is to put together the operators and the artists of the contemporary theatre, have them work together to build a project with poetic and political sensibilities. This project is necessary to create Beauty and Thought, but it is also functional work to defend the dignity of those who operate in this field, to retrieve a recognized role for the contemporary artists in the Italian social context, to improve experimental and innovative
forms of expression.
Who is part of CReSCo?
From the founding Manifesto: ” We are people who work in production and distribution of contemporary theatre. We are part of companies, spaces, theatres, residences, festivals; we are also artists, reviewers, operators of performing arts, popular and active throughout the country”.
At present CReSCo’s promoters are both structures (theatres, festivals, residences, companies)and individual subjects. CReSCo is formed by diverse people and it is open to new members.
How CReSCo is organized?
Formally CReSCo is a committee with a precise aim, regulated by the assembly of the promoters, who has appointed a board of 15 members, as well as a president, a national coordinator and an administrator.
In practice, CReSCo’s actual work is divided into thematic groups, each managed by a coordinator. Currently these are the issues the various groups are dealing with: financial systems in Italy and in Europe; welfare; code of Ethics; poetic creation in the contemporary theatre; international theatre situation. The working groups are convened periodically throughout the year and carry forward the work of theoretical elaboration and practical action useful to achieve CReSCo’s purposes.
From the point of view of national diffusion, CReSCo is organized into 15 local groups, each of which is working in a single region or in macro-areas covering several regions together. The groups provide a local reference point for the accession of new members, for the development of local issues, for meetings and connections among artists, ope
rators, networks, cultural andpolitical institutions of each region.
How work is organized by CReSCo?
CReSCo is a horizontal and participative organization. Voluntary work and generosity are its main and fundamental characteristics. All the promoters may take part in meetings of working groups and meetings of the Board.
CReSCo makes decisions through dialogue and open discussion. The vote is used only when it is impossible to reach shared decisions. Meetings are based on a sustainable economic model; we ask for hospitality at festivals and organizations that can guarantee at least partial coverage of travel expenses and accommodation. When these conditions do not occur, the promoters pay personally.
Promoters work at CReSCo’s documentations and projects at meetings as well as at their workplaces; they communicate via web and organize informal meetings in various regions. Through meetings and discussions, CReSCo wants to design a community.