Liv.In.G. project

Live / Internationalization / Gateway
A project for organizations in the performing art sector

WHY. Performing art organizations and international market. A risky possibility

Nowadays the international market is looked upon as an opportunity to experiment new models both of collaboration and artistic creation. For some Italian performing art organizations it also represents one of the few economical sources for their activity due to a scarcity of other financial support.
On the other hand, working on an international dimension means also investing in domain expertises, time and economies while, of course, taking some risks. In fact, there is no guarantee on results.
We asked ourselves how could the Italian live performing sector increase its international activity and implement a more complex strategy of its organizations.

WHO are we?
C.Re.S.Co is an Association of professionals that aims at representing and supporting the needs of the contemporary performing art scene. It is set up as a national network that works though thematic groups – called tables – each one managed by a coordinator. Working groups are convened periodically throughout the year and carry forward both the work of theoretical elaboration and the practical actions that develop pilot projects in the interest of the sector.

Liv.In.G. is a project that has been designed by four women experienced in the field of cultural project management – Cristina Carlini, Cristina Cazzola, Giuliana Ciancio and Carlotta Garlanda – who work together at the international working table of C.Re.S.Co association, joined for this project by Giulio Stumpo, business model expert.

WHAT is Liv. In. G. project?
Liv. In. G. (Live / Internationalization / Gateway) is a project which aim is creating a system of “Desks” devoted to the Internationalization of the performing art sector that:

1. is region-based, so is easy to be reached from any area of the Peninsula and at the same time it deals with the peculiarities of the territory;

2. collects different professionals and offers consultants and coaching activities but is affordable for art organizations,

3. supports organizations according to their objectives and poetics with a “learning by doing” strategy. It means that in a medium-term period art organizations will be able to improve their skills and gain autonomy;

4. explores and analyses the specific needs of the performing art sector in different areas of Italy. It will lead to the creation of a national coordination that will both guarantee the homogeneity of the project and influence cultural policies;

5. Sets a national reference structure and defines complex strategies to build a stable connection be- tween Italian and international market;

6. provides training and supplementary services for art organizations (such as communication, marketing..) which means also creating jobs opportunities for local operators who will be expertise on the theme of internationalization.

WHEN. What’s going on with Liv.In.G.?
At the moment Liv.In.G. is going through a one-year-pilot phase that will end in December 2017.
In order to experiment its feasibility on a national scale, the working team is testing the project in four regions of Italy (Lombardia, Lazio, Marche and Sicilia) that are very different one from the other both in terms of development of sector and local policies.
In this phase the project team is seang conferences and operative meetings in which artists, cultural professionals and Institutions are called to speak out their needs in terms of international activity.
This step of analysis is necessary to provide concrete datas and informations that will support the next operative step.

The project is lead in collaboration with SmartIT, Marche Teatro, Zo Cultural Centre and Retablo Company with the contribution of Cariplo Bank Foundation.
The project has the official recognition of Lombardy Region, Marche Region and Sicily Region.